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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I've been inspired by myself to go a different direction tonight. I want to post a song, but I don't know how, so I'll just put the name, pretend it has a link or whatever, let you download it because it's great, and write the relevent lines in a fasion that acts as if you have listened to it.

Dashboard Confesional - Jamie

This song seems to be originally written by weezer, but seeing as they are idiots, I'm not sure that they understood quite what they wrote - plus they suck at singing it. This version is much easier on the ears, and captures the sarcastic tone of the song in a way weezer couldn't have dreamt.

The line to which the entire song builds goes like this:

Jamie, oh Jamie, I'm so glad you're mine
We'll be together a long time
Jamie, believe me, I won't let you down
'Cuz you're the best lawyer in town

This is for anyone who writes of this kind of music as 'emo'. This song is a very intelligent social comment on the treatment of people, and women more specifically, as objects; means to an end. The music goes that you are led to feel the love-song melody and feel what goes with that, and if you are attuned to this quip leaves you with a stale, sad feeling, one almost of confusion - conflict between your dissapointment in thought, and the beauty of the singing create a strange emotion, one that I cannot provide you with by simply stating my displeasure with our culture.

Some other songs that demonstrate clear intelligent though in the genre of 'emo'...

Augustana - Heart Shaped Gun

"The Castle walls been breached girl
Kissin down your neck"

The thought here is more centered on the meaningless seduction and use of women as sexual objects, a similar thought can be found in Brand New's "Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis"

Another Brand New song that can be related is one of my favorites; Logan to Government Center

"Let my hands stray past the boundaries of your back
To get you breathin, to get you started"

The idea here is obviously to highlight the sexual nature of our culture - it actually vilifies the woman in this instance as sexually obsessed, she is so used to being used as a toy and being told by culture that thats what she is meant to be that she cannot be anything else, she is not a person, she does not show any emotion unless she is being used as she believes she is meant to...I mean, damn when you hear that. It's great.

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