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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Over Population

Just a note on overpopulation and all that jazz in the light of the One Child Policy in China. I was just having a discussion with my mom and Alan over our smorgasbord (spelling more than questionable) about overpopulation. We were discussing (i was getting schooled in) the One Child Policy and its many consequences. It was brought up because Alan, an importer of many chinese goods in the form of halloween costumes and easter/ christmas gizmos, mentioned a meeting he had earlier with someone my mother (his wife) knew. She asked how he was and to that Alan replied; nervous, like other chinese factory owners. Schockingly there seems to be a shortage of workers in China. I wondered if it was because there are only so many people from each generation, and Alan added that the people of newer generations also do not want to work in the factories. These children it seem are spoiled, as they get all the attention when they're younger. Usually there would be a lot of children because of chore and agriculture needs. Chinese culture then included a 'respect the elders' emphasis and a necessity to share. Now with only one child it seems that less people feel an incentive to share, and similarly a lack of inspiration to take care of the parents especially when the one child has to take all the weight of supporting two parents. Working in a factory wont exactly cut it.

Also it seems since China is male dominant, some of the women choose to abort if they know the baby is going to be a girl. Consequently, there seems to be more males then women. This is good for population control, but not so good for all those lonley men reaching and then passing "marrying age".
My mom commented after that maybe China should take in refugees from Sudan and employ them in the factory to give them a 'better' life away from rape and plunder.

Last note or 2: I strongly suggest that anyone reading this try guava in any form (fruit, jelly, candy...) and if possible get your hands on a whole fruit- they smell delicious.
Hong Kong so far is one huge shopping mall. My very first impression was that the buildings looked like sallactites. It reminded me of superman, and the fast growing kryptonite land OR a cave ceiling as a floor.
ok maybe 3: I've seen some misty mountains. They are the back drop to panasonic, toshiba, motorala, lg, and sony buildings...

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The W said...

"China should take in refugees from Sudan and employ them in the factory to give them a 'better' life away from rape and plunder."

A better start would be for China to stop financing the rape and plunder in the first place [end its associations with the Sudanese government as well as ending its weapons shipments to the war torn country].

"China sold $24m...of military material to Sudan."

"The human rights group says Russia and China are aware of the eventual uses of arms exported to Sudan."

"in Khartoum, Mr Hu agreed on a series of deals with Sudan, which China has protected from UN sanctions over the Darfur conflict."

oil oil oil

Jasper Yate said...

Stalagmites are upside down stalactites.