the only easy day was yesterday

Friday, August 3, 2007

I want to see you when you finally figure out what the planets, stars and space are all about

God, I have no idea when I'm going to have time to get to the real discussions I want to get to, but these little things came to me today.

First of all I came upon the thought of how people are for some reason afraid and want to hide 'going to the bathroom' and all such related bodily functions. We all know I deal a lot with the semiotic effects of things that people do and say and see, so I'm sure you can imagine what I'm going to say. The people who do this openly try to make the human being a hyper-being, they try to make themselves something other than what they are, and this inevitably leads to people thinking in ways which lacks respect for human life that human life deserves, so please, you're a human, respect what it is that you are...

My other thought came to me while I was listening to a song in the car today... It's called 'car' and it's by Brand New - yea, I listen to them a lot.

It just makes me want to say; appreciate the beuty of the life and the reality you are living in. There is no doubt that whatever life is and whatever you feel and see and taste and smell is amazing and theres never an end to the joy you can bring yourself by participating in life and enjoying what you're senses tell you. Life is beautiful, don't get too caught up in your intellectual pursuits and forget what you have and what you're trying to help be appreciated and utilized. Love your life and what you see and feel, and love others, we are all in the same boat, and we can all appreciate the beauty that lies outside this computer screen.

I'llpost when I have internet, which is apparently not very often when you're staying in pet friendly hotels.

I love you all, keep on truckin' and lovin' life.


Anonymous said...

On the bathroom note... It's ridiculous hiding it, I agree. But in the same way that it is natural to go-so why hide it- It is natural to go- so why announce it? I say this as a veteran of many extended conversations (one today one yesterday just as an example of how often) between my mother and alan about their bathroom habits. The phrases "blow out" and "pinching a loaf" did come up. There was also a lot of laughter.. I guess laughing about something you're taught to be uncomfortable about it a nice way to get over it. My little cousins love laughing at farts and calling people "fart" and when i was younger i did have a song about going to the bathroom with my friend molly, it only consisted of two words, but what can you do?

Maybe after some societal conditioning, it's necessary to make a joke out of it to make it or stress it in some manner acceptable - this is going to be a sad connection BUT movements like affirmative action, and gay pride parades... things need to be brought to the extreme, stressed to the point that its a bit ridiculous and isolates the essential idea once more (but in a 'better' light) before anything changes. Perhaps there is utopia in being comfortable and "knowing yourself", it is a bit ridiculous...i heard a rumor once that in some culture (ill go try to dig this up) the women hold going to the bathroom for months at a time and will actually get very sick from doing so BUT feel that they can't go to the bathroom in front of their husbands.

One last image. I flew from Shanghai to Hong Kong tonight, well this morning (the flight was delayes for 4 hours because of this typhoon that seems to pick up every day at 5). When i got to hong kong, it was as if the storm came too- but it was awesome. We went over this black cabled bridge that and we could see the electricity jumping as sparks between the cables. There was also a time where there was complete darkness (and not many buildings) lightening would flash and out of the corner of my eye i was able to see a towering hill. I love the rain. I've been listening to all the rain songs on my i pod (they all seem to have soemthing to do with crying damn personifications) let me know if you have any rain song suggestions cause if the pattern sticks it will rain tommorrow too in 11 and a half hours (its 530 am...i made the mistake of drinking coffee on the plane but i couldnt resist the opportunity to have coffee with coffee ice cream in it)

sorry if the BUT's bothered you all.

The W said...

"But in the same way that it is natural to go-so why hide it- It is natural to go- so why announce it?"

As far as rain song, i was thinking that song..."Rain drops fallin on my head..." i dont know the name though...

"women hold going to the bathroom for months at a time"
Im not sure thats possible, wouldnt they just go in their sleep eventually?

Jasper said...

I'm too lazy to go back and read my original post, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't suggest that people be flamboyant about their bodily functions, nor their gayness. I absolutely agree that these things need not be advertised, and that by doing so people create a different variation of an inhuman being, this is a being that has such epic bouts of excretion that the whole planet needs to hear about it. Either way it's just another little thing that adds to people not wanting to deal with being human and work from there.

Just so you all know I'm gettin' my ass some deep dish pizza in my Lake Shore Drive Chicago hotel and watching the mets playing the Cubs, which turns out to be just a few blocks away. Yea life's pretty good...