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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Drop Sneakers Not Bombs

So today I went shopping with my dad for clothes for school. I wanted to get a new pair of skate shoes, some shorts, and t-shirts. Our journey took us all over LA, including somewhere between lost and very lost...When we got back on the right track and found ourselves in Santa Monica my dad saw this store called "Active" located across the street from the Vans store we had just left. I went in there to find not just red skate shoes that fit and looked cool, but my t-shirts and shorts as well. When I got back to my Uncle's house, I started flipping through the mail-order catalog i grabbed before i left. I found this section devoted to this project called "Drop Sneakers Not Bombs". Here's some excerpts from that section: "Founded upon a hope to generate some positive energy in our little corner of the world. Indirectly shedding light on one of the many world issues that we all can do our part to help remedy, by showcasing something as simple as sneakers." "A portion of the proceeds from Drop Sneakers Not Bombs will go to Invisible Children , a non-profit organization which has sprung from a captivating documentary film created by three San Diego natives [...I guess that answers that question from Anchor Man]. The film exposes some violent and horrible truths about a civil war in Uganda..."
Jasper [and others], this is one of those things you can do some research on to get some perspective.

After the page explaining what could best be called the mission statement, follows multiple pages where the sneakers themselves are showcased along with commentary from the respected companies. It turns out my kicks' design " based off of the Keffiyeh pattern." "The print is a symbol of the people of the Middle East, their culture and the Anti War view of the DSNB. We wanted to rip through the stereotype that the current war has brought to this country. As one skates the Keffiyeh pattern will tear and reveal the sneaker/bomb print that lays underneath."

Who woulda thought that I'd start the day looking for red everyday sneakers, and finish it learning about civil war in Uganda and Keffiyehs....

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