the only easy day was yesterday

Friday, August 31, 2007


okay i have something to say now. i dono how its gonna turn out, but here it goes.

philosopy, and as a whole the creation of logic as a study and a concrete entity in human history, may have been the worst things that could have happened to our race. on one side of the argument, it has enlightened us as to the nature of the universe in which we live, and in effect heightening our quality of life as a species (largely) a million fold; but on the other hand, it inspires complaceny among idealists and rationalists, and ambivalence for everyone else, in that it gives any given person an escape rout on any given issue, in so long as he is well schooled in logic and philosophy. if philosophy and logic as studies and lifestyles were to have preceeded (this was clearly impossible, and either way a negligible point) the many aspects of civilization that stay today and motivate people by less-than-human (though they'd say more, or rather that's what the want) goals - money, power, (respect), etc. - then philosophy and logic would have been the greatest thing ever to have happened to humankind (besides it's creation), because it would not have been used to exploit the selfish goals of idiots. unfortunately along with intelligence and diversity of thought, these ideas will come and the way the world is is probably inevitable by that line of thought. my point here is, if i even have one, that philosophy creates, in my mind, and im sure in others minds, such ambivalence about sociality and morality that i know i will never be comfortable with anything i think, and furthermore i know that anyone who pleases can reason themselves out oof whatever they want, becasue as long as an argument is not based on some ultimate truth, whether it exists or not, it cannot be better than another. im not sure well ever get over this as a race. people are overwhelimingly disappointing to me, and im not sure what anyone can do about it. i have a hard time believing that some people have minds at all, how is life so not good, why are we such idiots that we can't "get along".

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