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Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Have No Idea What To Name This Post.

I'm not quite sure what there is to say to this. To those who don't know, these are the two main characters from High School Musical, quite possibly the most akward piece of film anyone will ever watch. And now they've succefully turned it into the most akward (and embarassing) magazine cover anyone will ever look at. It makes me feel awful.

In short, because I don't have the energy to rant, this is what human relationships have come to. Commercialism has relegated them to the point where the slaves to it's systems of social dictatorship actually seem to cease being human beings. American companies want us to believe that there is one true love for all of us in the world, this way we buy more shit to look and smeel and appear more hyper-human than we actually are because today might be the day we meet the one. Somehow, they've either tricked these two poor souls, who are child actors anyway and have no choice but to be lost and confued and swept away my our pseudo cultures current, into thinking they have a real affection for each other (they don't, they only care about themselves), or they're paying them a ton of money to keep this myth of one true love going and getting their own asses rich. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if a new high school musical came out tommorrow. this sucks.

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