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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Love Football

Since this is a sports blog sometimes, and since I love football, we're gonna play the pre-season playoff picking game...

We'll start with the


AFC East:
I'm sorry jets, but this one's a no brainer. I'll put it this way, if the Pats aren't in the playoffs this year it's because Jesus already came back and judgement has commenced.

AFC North:
Unfortunately for TJ, the Ravens are fucking old, and the way things are going Steve McNair will have died in a car accident in which he let his friends six year old daughter shoot up and then drive his Lamborghini before the season even starts. The browns aren't going to give up and put Brady in until maybe week 8 and probably only win one or two during that time, and when Quinn gets I even have to say it? He's gonna suck. With Mike Tomlin just coming in and the surprisingly not-yet crippled Ben Roethlisberger looking good in the Hall of Fame game on might be fooled into thinking that they are a more legitimate contender for the division title, but when a defense loses it's heart and sole like Joey Porter, and is then is put into a new playbook it may take longer than some might think to come back to steel curtain prominence. So I'm taking the Bengals, but not without good reason; Carson should be rockin' it with no hesitation this year, and with less off-field distraction under Mr. Goodell coupled with a young, strong secondary, they're clearly the choice here.

AFC South:
It's like the same as the AFC East, but more pathetic. The good thing about the lack of competition in these two divisions is the inevitable meeting of the two champs in the AFC Campionship Game in what is my favorite rivalry in all of sports; Colts Pats.

AFC West:
When the teams are this damn good it almost makes the picking part boring, but the playoffs make up for it. Chargers. Lights Out.

AFC Wildcards:
I'mnot gonna go through it all, but I'll give you my picks...
The Steelers are not going to get past Wildcard weekend, nor are they going to be division winning quality under Tomlin, but they'll win 9 and sneak in.

The Broncos. Cutlers gonna come up huge this year I think and with Jamarcus Russel possibly getting playing time this year and Brody Croyle and Damon Huard in KC Champ and new addition Dre Bly are going to have field days in those division matchups. Too bad the chargers are in their division.


NFC East:
First might I say THE GIANTS SUCK. The Redskins aren't goin anywhere either, although I like J-Camp, yea, I called him J-Camp. Now Cowboys and Eagles is sort of interesting, but I'm gonna take the Eagles, they're just too solid for too long. Phili won't accept anything less than a division title.

NFC North:
Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson, but unfortunatly no quarterback to speak of. Lions are out. Tavarius Jackson, no dice; A.D. can't actually go all day. And the Bears D is just too nasty, I'm sorry Brett, I still love you.

NFC South:
It sucks that a team even has to come out of this division, it wen't from one of the strongest to possibly the weakest in a year. But it has the Saints and I'll take them, although they won't be anything like what they were last year, they don't have that self righteous motivation this time around.

NFC West:
This has to be the most interesting division in the league. Every team is legit, it's the new NFC East. Unfortunately I have to leave one out of the picture. I'm gonna take the Cards on top of it this year, I just got a feeling about their whole shit coming together. Matt Leinarts gonna be tearing shit up.

NFC Wildcards:
These are both comin' out of the NFC west this year, I'm telling you they're nasty, but who do I choose?

I'm gonna take youth because I can't decide. Seahawks and Niners. Rams are just too old and their D isn't anything I care to talk about....

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