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Sunday, August 19, 2007


i was talking to warner on the phone earlier this evening when an idea that had been floating around my head was brought to the surface. we were talking about some kid and his aspirations and something about teaching came up and it brought to the front of my mind the idea of myself becoming a teacher. i've toyed with this idea, because of the sheer influence i would be able to have on young people (the best stage in life to get to people, obviously), but i can never figure out who i would want to teach - the subject is slightly less important as of now. the upside to being a professor is getting mature students and deciding my own cirriculum, but chances are i'd do so in philosophy or some humanities, and in turn get students that are already somewaht interested and exposed to ideas that i want to emphasize to youths. any children below early high-school age are not mentally mature enough to handle concepts that i would want to get across to them, and later high school students would listen, but the ciriculum wouldn't be my choice. so where do i aim?

then this thought came to me. one that seems to be a tough goal in reality, but would be a fruitful investment and project, i think. i would love to open my own school. like a private school, but free. with teachers willing to teach for free. or as free as we could make it; charge and pay all parties involved the bare minimum in order that the school could continue to operate. in this case children of many ages would be there to influence and ciriculum would be of my own, or the teachers own choices. the problem here is that in making a single private school is that very few people would be influenced by it and poor people could not afford to pay for it if we were to have to charge to large an amount.

either way, a school in which i could teach my own philosophy of life and leave the rest to the children, and provide necessary teachers for any topic that they may be interested in, etc, would be a great way to influence people, and one of the few ways to get to a great many people through honest means, it seems.


Jasper Yate said...

I just want to check if my cool heart i put as my picture will show up now.

just as a reminder this question is not a finiancial issue or anything; i want to know if the vision of this school (of course a lot of it is fuzzy) as a philosophicaly run institution actually dedicated simply to educating and instilling a philosophic and intellectually indpendent mindset among children is a worthwhile vision, because the more i think about it (it would be a hell of a lot of work, huh?) the more i think of how it may be possibly the best use of my life i can imagine. other efforts towards social change are obviously up my alley, but the mindset and the effecting of individuals is one of my biggest aspirations, and the creation of a new type of school is a great way to effect people and change lives and minds. part of a movement towards a cooperative human race is passing on the mindset and the mood and the goal of the movement. this thought gives me transient moments of hope. few things do that. goodnight moon.

The W said...

I'm going to YIVO today. I'll look up the schools that the socialists and Yiddishists established in the City in the eraly 20th century and tell you about it later.