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Thursday, August 16, 2007

You, yea you.

It's become apparent that the only time when this blog is of interest to people is when I say something that strikes a nerve. That's wonderful and those posts might appear now and then, but this is far from the point of this blog. I'm not here to present my ideas so that people can tear them apart by the standards of their morality. If you disagree, do so respectfully and back it up with solid philosophical evidence, not dogmatic claim. I also don't care for contextua arguments, don't attempt to disprove my arguments because you've found a tidbit that will disprove my reasoning, use how that information disproves it to structure a real argument, the discourse here should be viewed as an idealists discourse; do not accept ANYTHING as truth here accept the existence of your thoughts and emotions; when we can argue on as base a level as that there will hopefully be not talking past each other.

This blog is to be a place where the person behind whatever facades we put on during the day goes away and the human being in our mind comes out to exercize his humanity (intellectually, I'm aware of the paradox in exercizing our humanity over the internet). Honest and respectfully worded HUMAN dialectic is my purpose here. If we are interested in a true dialectic and philosophy than we were the kids who always bugged people about shit they did wrong and corrected people. We need to grow up now, we're past that phase of curiosity and questioning and not trusting what we're told. It turns out a lot of it was bullshit and now we're the few people who can ever hope to change how it is.

Anyway I see the last two posts that I put up as very important ethical discussions that deserve input; much more so than weather Mr FAB told someone to break my car window. I mean, who the hell cares? There are certainly much more pressing issues at hand than that one instance and one of them is the inability of the human race, and americans as possibly the worst fo them, to accept humanity for what it is and live that way...


The W said...

I see your point, and for the most part agree. However, it was you that posted an account and opinion which sparked a debate on hip hop. You didnt stop that debate to get it on track (as you may or may not have to right to do so, thats your call). You, if anything, worked to continue that very debate through your subsequent posts. (That was way too many obnoxious "You"s, sorry)

Personally, I find it fully OK to kill a debate when it strays to far from the issue at hand, however one has to learn through these expiriences what kind of language will or will not promote stupid tangents that may not have anything to do with anything you said, "who the hell cares".

I too am guilty of this, but once one person gets dogmatic and silly it makes everyone overly defensive, and, in return, unhelpfully dogmatic and tagent prone.

I will comment on those other posts this weekend. I have been slacking in all of my intellectual endevours this week, not just this one.

Jasper Yate said...

I'm aware of it being me beggining and continuing them, and when things like that get me going, as i said, it will happen I'm not perfect and it would be dogmatic of me to say that what I've laid out is the correct way of doing things and that everyone else is wrong; but when I do those posts are the ones that should be ignored, instead it's the ones that are prone to start other less philosophical and less pertinent tangents that get posted on, and I do feel obliged to support my assertions.

With all that said we are all at fault who participate in this blog and I ask whoever reads this to attempt to pick me up out of it if they see me falling into irrelivent or useless discourse as I will try to do the same for others. And for the record I was not saying that I was not at fault at all I clearly start those debates with my nerve-hitting posts, but I'm asking for a group effort now to not have those be the posts that get the most attention, and if they do, help me to keep them on track as intelligent discussions and not talking past each other.