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Thursday, August 23, 2007

some fun thoughts and a few thoughts that came to me during my intro to epistemology and metaphysics class:

-->if ever statement is true or false, but never both at any given time:::

if there is one barber in one given town who shaves every and only men who don't shave themselves, does he shave himself?

what is the epistemic value of the statements:

It's all a matter of opinion

Truth is relative

If I believe it, then it is true

Those are just fun little tidbits to think about nothing too groundbreaking just thought I'd share them. The real debate that came to my mind was the epistemic value of ethical statements such as:

rape is wrong

abortion is wrong

It's not all that bad, I just want to bring the thoughts to other people, if you're curious there are "answers", but people need to think...

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