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"Black Like Sambo"

Young Dro clears things up for his listeners, as if clarification was necessary...

best thing smoking cd art + that line = me not really wanting to listen to Young Dro anymore...

We got what you need

I mean, this is begging for a kid to work there, steal weed and sell it on the side...

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Fried Chicken Raps

What's sad is that its probably the black people working for KFC pushing this....


it doesnt happen to us. no. congratulations NIU, you were arrogant enough to assume that it could never happen to you. You charge people tens of thousands of dollars a year, this is very simple: dont build new sports facilities, dont build new buildings, dont fund useless research surveys. with all the excess funds that a college makes annually, they could easily spring for a security guard at every building they own, as well as a beefed up campus patrol. not to mention that this could generate more jobs (doesnt take much to be a security guard); and stimulate the economy even - i mean imagine the jobs, government funded training programs for security guards; now thats economic stimulus:

dont give everyone who pays taxes $1200, put that money into free security guard certification courses, and then mandate a security guard at every door of every university building. double whamy; safety and money sounds good to me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We won't get fooled again!

so ive been fooled. really sort of obviously and embarassingly. see, it occured to me during the portion of the congressional steroids hearing; they didn't make a big deal of it. three of the congressmen/women doing the questioning (while i was watching) began their statements with an expression of their dismay in wasting time and money, the most entertaining of which was Virginia Foxx, a republican from North Carolina. Along with a few actually expressing their dismay (I'm sure more felt it), all of them were in and out, undoubtedly doing other congressly business. Every time the cameras were on the whole room, most of the seats were empty which were meant to be filled with congresspeople. The short of it is that congress really didn't care, but they were forced under the falsetto's of single self-rigteous governors, and the same duty of the government to especially regulate businesses that trade people like slaves and that do in truth have a lot of benefits and exceptions in corporate law. So I was sucked in by only watching sports television, it isn't a big deal. Most of america doesn't care, they know the trouble's in wrestling, but also acknowledge the bad influence on high-schoolers. So I shouldn't have been so pissed. Sportscenter just has nothing better to talk about so they glorify this hearing which any rational person sees no merit in whatsoever. So I'm ashamed I even fell for it, of course espn is going to trick me into thinking people actually care and its a huge deal; congress had to deal with these corporations, and they inevitably get caught up in the cameras. "I stink!"

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh. My. God.

So depressing that you have to laugh. Thank you hip-hop culture....No wait, all these kids just needed to survive, they doing what they gotta do in the hood. If you're so poor that you need to resort to murder MOVE OUT OF THE BAY AREA. It is one of the most expensive places to live in the world; go live in the desert, go live in kansas, arizona, idaho, or montana, nice and cheap there.

A map of homicides in oakland during 2007 and 2008. There were 7 people killed this weekend:

Monday, February 11, 2008

i have to do a history paper. its open ended, but i dont know about anything i dont know about enough to want to learn about it....


Saturday, February 9, 2008

i just learned somethihng. black history month was originally the week that had both frederick douglas' and abraham lincoln's birthdays in it. it grew to a month. i never knew why it was february...

Friday, February 8, 2008

pedro martinez

sports again. apparently pedro martinez, the mets pitcher, was at a cock fight in the dominican republic. i guess thats whatever in itself if everyone just knew it was bad and moved on. but both pedro and mike greenberg, from mike and mike in the morning, are taking the cultural card. 

its culturally accepted to fly planes into buildings of countries whose ideals you disagree with in certain places. and drive cars into buildings daily. and kill children and give children machine guns and have them kill other people. oh yea, and slavery. maybe pedro martinez should be enslaved in some foreign country, hey pedro, its culture there. i hate that word. culture is more of an excuse than anything at this point.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

A capella song i forgot to play for you...

GM Onstar

i see ther commercials for this and pay it little mind, but really, gm's making people look bad. there are few amenities in modern cars that are necessary, it seems like this one is really a good use of technology for saving lives...why arent more car companies doing this? is it because GM is greedy and they want money rather than safety for all people who drive? ill investigate...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Tragedy of a Formalist Mindset

Among many other worries a somewhat privileged and educated young person ponders, I am partial at the moment to the extent to which a formalist mindset should indoctrinate the mind of a person in America, and to what extent utilitarianism should play into this persons social and political considerations.

Short Definitions that work with what I wonder:

Formalism: A social/political position which takes the stance of 'if i want to do it, you have to be allowed to do it as well, all as long as no human rights are being violated' The Constitution of the U.S.A. is a strictly formalist document. "All Men Are Created Equal."

Utilitarianism: The most good for the largest amount of people over the longest period of time. The application of American law is utilitarian.

The problem is that formalism is a doctrine which preaches that one has no right to interfere with another's life unless that person in violating another person's human dignity. (human dignity is the right to autonomy, free will and decision, land, etc.)

So the question is: at what point does a formalist, such as any American, get involved with politics, if they are hardpressed to find themselves as morally allowed, in a sense, to interfere with anyone else's lives?

Well, that's simple, any laws that are being changed or reorganized must be doing so in order to further enforce the formalist way, so that people will not be violated and have freer lives.

The problem comes with things like the recent propositions 94-97. the main question of a formalist being with his concern for his fellow men. He cannot prevent them from gambling, thus he would love to foil the indian tribes to take advantage of his mentally weaker brothers-in-humanity; but he has no right to either prevent the indians from doing bussiness in itself, or the brothers from doing whatever the hell they want.

does the question become protecting them from themselves? how does the formalist work his way around these issues? how can we prevent sales of guns, alcohol, the legality of casino's, and all such things which we KNOW are detrimental to the people who participate (both the psychological states of the sellers and buyers)?

Football, Baseball, and Congress

Arlen Specter (Say you're from Pennsylvania or they wont talk to you): 1-202-224-4254
House Committee...Reform...Oversight: 1-202-225-5051

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jared Raymond Lorenzen

The left-handed Lorenzen was well-known at Kentucky for his size, tipping the scales at 322 lb at one point in his career.[citation needed] He has since slimmed down to around 285 lb.[1] Because of his size he has a collection of colorful nicknames, including "Quarter(got)back",[2] "Hefty Lefty",[3] "The Pillsbury Throwboy",[4] "The Abominable Throwman", [5] "J.Load",[6] "Round Mound of Touchdown",[6]"BBQ (Big Beautiful Quarterback)"[7] "Battleship Lorenzen", [8] Butterball[9]

wikipedia is great.