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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We won't get fooled again!

so ive been fooled. really sort of obviously and embarassingly. see, it occured to me during the portion of the congressional steroids hearing; they didn't make a big deal of it. three of the congressmen/women doing the questioning (while i was watching) began their statements with an expression of their dismay in wasting time and money, the most entertaining of which was Virginia Foxx, a republican from North Carolina. Along with a few actually expressing their dismay (I'm sure more felt it), all of them were in and out, undoubtedly doing other congressly business. Every time the cameras were on the whole room, most of the seats were empty which were meant to be filled with congresspeople. The short of it is that congress really didn't care, but they were forced under the falsetto's of single self-rigteous governors, and the same duty of the government to especially regulate businesses that trade people like slaves and that do in truth have a lot of benefits and exceptions in corporate law. So I was sucked in by only watching sports television, it isn't a big deal. Most of america doesn't care, they know the trouble's in wrestling, but also acknowledge the bad influence on high-schoolers. So I shouldn't have been so pissed. Sportscenter just has nothing better to talk about so they glorify this hearing which any rational person sees no merit in whatsoever. So I'm ashamed I even fell for it, of course espn is going to trick me into thinking people actually care and its a huge deal; congress had to deal with these corporations, and they inevitably get caught up in the cameras. "I stink!"

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