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Friday, August 17, 2007

The Michael Vick Experience

It's so adorable. And poigniant.

And for those who don't know and are phased by Vicks sort of culture; pit bull terriers are loving, intelligent, fun, and loyal animals, sometimes to a fault when they are abused to be that way. Pit bulls have had a reputation for being mean natured animals because of this culture and the people who they appeal to; they are very strong dogs and have a jaw muscle that is much larger than any other domesticated animals and that wraps nearly wround it's entire skull, so when these people get a hand on these dogs and abuse them like they do they are prone to hurt people, and with their muscular bodys and jaws, do considerable damage. This goes for every breed of dog, do not be fooled by the cultures raised around these animals; german shepherds, rotweilers, pit bulls, cane corsos, canary dogs, etc, they are all just exceptionally strong and loyal and unfortunatly the wrong kind of people get their hands on these dogs, they are not to be reputed to anyone as mean because of people like michael vick. Furthermore let this post bring to your attention the ignorance that humans (while putting ourselves on a pedestal as if we are something so much different) pay to other animals - we fear lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), vultures, bees, sharks, when these things are dealing with the same life that we are dealing with, but with less ability to do so succesfully - the level of our conscoiusness of ourselves and our environment and our cognative abilities give us an extraordinary advantage, of course. We need to consider ourselves co-existants to these creatures and not live around or in fear of them and try to distance ourselves; dangerous as they are and as life is with them around, I think the distancing of us from them only adds to our metaphysical complex of trying to transcend being human.

Anyway, the true purpose of this post, which is bound to be shorter than that, is about michael vick's situation in itself.

I think it goes without saying that Roger Goodell has little moral choice but to ban michael vick from ever participating in the league again, but before this can even take place I think that our government should be taking the initialtive on this. As it happens I've suspended any faith that I ever had in organized government until I can think something through, but in the cases where there are 'powers that be' that can have immediate impact (Goodell, Blank, The U.S. government, etc.) that it is their responsibility to take action. My qualm with government and organized religion is how it instills morals that people take and live complacently with because they never have to use their minds for anything 'real', and unfortunatly action on this situation may fall into that category, but simply under the guidlines that that won't change over night and the children who go by the every word of the united states and its capitalist society (you know) are already getting into this complacent state they need to at least instill something that is morally comendable. With that out of the way (seriously, did that sentence make any sense?) my point is that it is the united states' governments responsibility to not only limit michael from ever participating in professional football (on a side note the CFL is putting in place a suspended NFL player ban) again, but to prevent him from being a public figure whatsoever; make him disappear, put him in witness protection just so no one will ever hear of him again, and take away his life as he knew it. A man like that shouldn't even be in the public spotlight, it's not like he's enlightening people about what things are wrong and what are right, things like dog fighting should be so unaccepted that we don't even need to express the morbid hate that we have for it.

In conclusion, I think that they should try to hang vick, fail, and then drown him in a 5 gallon tub of water, which is what he and his two homies did to 8 dogs. I mean, trying to put aside how horrid this is; imagine vick and his two bros all thugged out in the timbs an big wrist watches n shit in the woods lookin all confused with these dogs they just tried to hang. What kind of idiot doesnt want his dogs anymore and decides just to hang them. its stupid. its fucked.



The W said...

I wouldnt expect you to be an "eye for an eye" kinda dude...

Jasper Yate said...

Yea not usually, but given his status and the widespread popularity of dog fighting it's sort of like the people who fight dogs are so fucking stupid and entrenched in their stupidity that they aren't going to learn through intelligent means so they may need to be shown that it won't fly with everyone else. I'm far to on the fence with this though because I would never want a person to be killed purposfully, but with how pissed it gets me my thoughts just keep going to how I've talked to people like this and the only way that they'll ever learn is through physical fear and example, etc, and they probably won't even then; so don't put me on the jury, but I can't see any other punishments that will do justice not only to his crime but raise awareness of how it won't fly. And given that the people who fight dogs are generally the blind patiot type it gives a good argument against them, that being that america doesn't seem to agree with dog fighting why do you? Which'll probly get you shot. This depresses me.