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Monday, July 23, 2007

Sportsnation makes me want to cry

If any of you watch ESPN First Take, you probably saw this thismorning the "Sportsnation" Poll - an online poll they have every day. The question was asking which incident was more distubing for sports fans - the word they used WAS disturbing - Michael Vick fighting dogs or Tim Donaghy being invoved in the whole gambling thing. People answered almost unanimously, with the exception of two states, that the Donaghy situation was worse. I am really speachless, like I don't know what to say. And don't anyone try to tell me that it was asking what was more disruptive to the actual sport, the question was which was more disturbing to sports fans, who are people, being a fan doesn't give people an excuse to be immoral and ignorant. This is appaling and truly a horrible and sad day in American, and human history.


The W said...

I can't find the poll your talking about on the espn website(s), however the sportsnation polls i have found have at most approximately 100,000 votes which were not collected in a scientific (fair) fashion whatsoever. 100,000 is not 300,000,000 (the approx. pop of the US). There may still be hope.

Jasper said...

100,000 is a lot of stupid people, enough to make me sad

lyneric said...

no argument from me. referring back to an earlier post about respect for life (or lack there of) this is no exception. in fact i would say, the inability to feel compassion for the suffering of ANY living creature is a grave loss indeed. without such empathy one stands to justify inhumane acts due to an inability to relate. in distancing oneself and identifying something (or someone) as "the other" one can cease to feel compassion for this "other"; a dangerous, dangerous road to travel!