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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"The hottest places is in hell are reserved for those involved in activities like this..."

In light of Michael Vick's indictment I want to celebrate by asking anyone who's readong their opinion, as is the MO of this blog...In the context of Vick's dog fighting; should we as conscious beings be considerate of other living things - does their lack of ability to analyze their environment as well as we do somehow put them below us? And for those of you who can see what an assinine question that is I pose another; waht justification could a person like Vick have for their actions, and furthermore, what argument would you use to convince one of these people otherwise. Keep in mind the nature of the people who would be fighting dogs, probably avid nonsensical patriots because their daddy beat it into them, drive a pick up truck because it means they have big testicles, which they use every once in a while when they have violent drunken intercourse with their significant others - who's daddy beat them into the marriage. You're dealing with the most dogmatic of the dogmatic assholes in America; so how do you make a that kind of asshole see?
>you can get the indictment in a pdf file on the left side of that article, its long, but you can get the idea of how appalling a crim this is, whether you love dogs or not...


Anonymous said...

Just some more dog bogus... Last night at dinner I attempting to be polite and wait until my family received their food before finishing all of mine. My kooky mother and stepfather were sharing a salad and eating it very very slowly I asked how they were managing that and my mom replied "by starving" it wasn't the answer that i was looking for-i was looking for some advice on self-control- but what i ended up getting was inspiration for a wild tangent.

I was reminded of something from the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn where the main character criticizes life in captivity. He brings up the example of gorrillas in the wild and portrays an image of a large stretch of trees and grass-accessible food. The character speaking is himself a captive gorrilla living in a roadside attraction caravan, and admitts that life in captivity is one of deprivation and limit because access to necessity (which should not be regulated) is limited and freedoms are infringed upon.

In that aspect humans are in captivity, and i asked my mom and stepfather why they would limit themselves especially when food was available right in front of them and tried to point out how bizzare it was by asking if their are any other wild animals which do that. My stepfather replied dogs and i choked on a piece of ice. Dogs are whatever captive is squared, they ride the whims of our fickle habits. We feed them, they are not free.(example:

In the book there is an emphasis that with freedom new potentials can be reached. There is a similar idea in Kant the idea that free will is a priori to any action- "As we might expect, Kant offered as proof of human freedom a transcendental argument from the fact of moral agency to the truth of its presupposed condition of free will. " ( Smart Guy- it makes sense that to act consciously and reasonably one must first feel that they have the freedom to act.

This is a poor attempt to tie this back into your original post but maybe these baffoons at the top (listen to city hall by Tenacious D..its a funny riot song) have forgotten that they are actually acting, and have the freedom to act. Maybe with all the fame and security of money their awareness of consequence and stupidity has been dampered?

The other thing i wanted to bring up was the theory of dog "owners" and how out of touch "owners" can be with their dogs (please everyone take a moment to think of the lady in high heels or the brittle nervous lady in her own knitted eastery sweater who takes her dog to the dogpark on a leash and scolds it for getting excited- then quickly whisks it away the second another dog tries to dominate it... or the people who feed their dogs hot dogs and other leftovers at the dinner table and then try to tell their dog not to beg.

Then theres the opposite emotions that make us want to tear dogs apart who are "horsing around" and the Vickian emotions that start things like Bad Newz Kennels- both sides are equally out of touch with dog actions.

possibly to be continued when i dont have cabin fever.

Jasper said...

I'm glad you finnaly got around to writing here, but you brought up a good idea, it's just one different from the one in this post - I made it so that you can post. Just look in the top right corner when you're on this site and click on New Post...