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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The lessons you read are not your own, she taught you them.

So I've been hearing some hype about this show 'Human Weapon' where two guys go around the world and learn ancient and modern hand-to-hand combat teqniques and disciplines. I found myself thinking that it would be cool to do that, but I'm not the kind of meat head who sees that as a worth while venture for my life, so it's a good thing that someone else is doing it and putting it on t.v so that I can just see and learn. So it got me thinking - after scolding myself - that part of the inherent problems of television, along with the constant claim of absolute knowledge of certain things, is the way in which it sort of says "you don't need to live, we'll do it for you." Incidentally, literature has also been portrayed as such a real life adventure replacing adventure in the recent past. But I watch television and I read. I seem to have come to the conclusion that as long as I am aware of the issues with these things, than I can be somewhat mentally resistent to their allure. So the question is: is it okay to partake in such detrimental (to culture and society ) activities if one knows what the problems are with them, or at least has considered and is aware of these opinions about them, or should people who agree boycott these things, whether it's comfortable or not?

While I was writing Sports Centers 'Whos Now' thing came on and as a guest Judge Jessica Biel was on, and her part in it was so appaling that I couldn't not mention it. Kevin James says how tough the Tiger D-Wade Match up is, Mike Greenburg says that D-Wade had an unfair seed, and Jessica Biel said that Tiger woods is a dad and that's sexy. This is how women are treated, this is what people not thinking for their goddam selves comes to.

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