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Friday, July 13, 2007

Give it up for the dead guy knowing what he's talking about after all

The general topic of the last few posts has reminded me of a book. A book I quite liked. It's called Breakfast of Champions and it was written by the late Kurt Vonnegut - Posthumous appreciation is the only kind of appreciation for the arts! Breakfast of Champions deals with many of the issues I argue in contemporary America -60 years or so since he's written has only been time to exacerbate the problems he confronts. The correspondence to the topic of the past few posts is this: He specifically says, in plain, in your face Vonnegut style, that he's sick of litterature these days using characters as a means to an end in the story and that that style of writting is only conducive to that type of behavior in the lives of the readers, and the same readers learning to have no respect for the next man's humanity.


Jamie said...

breakfast of champions is one of my favorite books of all time. oh kurt. a man ahead of his own time.

Jasper said...

It's just unfortunate that American culture had to come to the point where it deserved such a ripping, and that such an extraordinary ripping went to waste because no one's willing to listen; and the ones who are listening already know whats wrong.

Jamie said...

have you read god bless you mr. rosewater? if you haven't, you HAVE to.