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Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Orleans Syndrome

We Will Prevail

first off, over what, you already didnt car enough about one shooting and allowed multiple people to get murdered and wounded.

now, how are you giong to treat a football game like it has any significance to the april 16th mass murder. you are further distracting your own lack of ability to protect your STUDENTS in an educational environment, and the value of those students lives, as well as the value of your educational institution, you aren't a football club. its another case of new orleans, somehow all of the students have been fooled into thinking that this game has the significance that espn says; it does not. thiry two people were killed. many more injured, by a kid too obsesed with the media - we all remember those pictures of him with guns and shit. so here virginia tech and espn combine to create another media inspired world, except this one has morals. these kids are proud to participate in what espn says is good and touching, just as that kid was proud to destroy 32 lives because die hard said it was cool. i ask whats the difference?? i see none, there is not an iota of apparent thought in the opinion that virginia techs first football game has anything to do with that horrible morning. if anything it is an opportunity for people to run away from dealing with death and other human emotions and situations, im sure weve all done this with, to use a previous example, die hard. we just like the aristotlian opinion that when one is born into morality that he is suceptable to morality, combined with rationalism; we think were born into morality because were told that what america says is right, and we sit around and do nothing watching tv pretending that we are thinking when really were justpatting ourselves on the back for being so clever that we know how the world works and our country is right, this being equivalent to entirely deductive reasoning, in an american sense. i feel bad for all those kids who are unaware, i can only imagine that gaps between their real emotions, and the thoughts that they have seeming to be legitimate to them can only cause some sort of emotional discrepency and problems.

oh, and what about that guy, er, whats his name, michael vick? im seeing a little too much pride from college students for the school that let 32 of their piers and teachers get killed with little police reaction til after the fact and produced an asshole so arrogant that he ran a dgo fighting opperaation for years during his professional carreer and only after his buddies pleaded guilty did he consider that he was in any trouble... congratulations VT, you're a wonderful environment for murderers...yes, im aware that a majority of the students are not murderers or killers. its called hyperbole.

whatchu want nigga.

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