the only easy day was yesterday

Sunday, September 16, 2007


It's become very apparent to me that people aren't respecting what reason and what devotion to thought mean to us humans. It's really very simple, and won't take long to explain. Reason is what we all use every day. If you chose to participate in our society, or any society you are choosing to participate in, you are actively participating in a product of reason, not always good reason, but of reason. Every day every one of us participates in the active use of reason for our own good in some way, this is taken far too much for granted. So it is impossible to support not using reason while living as a human being, it violates the law of contradiction, actually, in two ways; supporting it will necissarily use reason to do, and a human cannot live without using this reason at all. So now that we've established that reason is something that humans use always, we can go on to the primacy that reason should naturally take for us; emotions are present in other living beings, the need for food is present, sexual drive is present, our metal congitive ability is what separates us from being just any othe life form and more importantly gives us the ability to deifine the word humanity, thus reason is the foremost definer of actual humanity and it must take the foremost consideration and respect in our minds, this is simple. Now that we see that reason is justifiably the most respectabe aspect of humanity, necissarily, we can move on to those who take it for granted and those who do not respect the extensive educatio of others.

I. Reason Taken for Granted

I've had a few experiences the past few days in which the faculty of reason has been taken for granted, that is; by people who as I've shown necissarily use reason, i am told or led to believe that some other thing like emotion takes the front seat to reason. This, as I've proved is false. The people who suggest, or don't understand the power of reason or it's importance, take for granted the faculty and use it, but only in places which are convenient and confortable to fit the lifestyle they've chosen, if the same reason, as all reason in human minds operate in the same way, proves something uncomfotable, these people feel that they disagree and leave it at that. It is stupid and un-human to refuse critical argument and to deny the primacy of reason to human life and matters of human importance, importance would not exist if not four our minds ability to create languages such that the concept of importance and humanity can be created. So, we can see that it is silly, if not completely moronic, to deny the primacy of intelligible reason in human thought and issues of interest in human lives.

II. Education

Not only have these people failed to realize the full importance to which reason can account for in their minds, accepting it only when it is comfotable, but they fail as well to see the importance of education in the process of being intelligent. Mental ability may be one thing and for some they are exceptionally smart, but on the whole, averagely, we are all capable of mental processes very similar to one and other; my point here is that being 'smart' is not being cognitively gifted like einstein, but educating oneself on intelligent and relevant things. This is where an argument I had earlier with my mother becomes relevant. She almost knocked over my t.v and I was explaining to her, sarcastically, how she can't drop my damn t.v it wil break with the wire attached there yadayadayada. So she said this isn't how you talk to people you need to learn to talk to people. Why must I speak down at the level of people who care not to educate themselves about certain subjects, here, namely, philosophy, I will use reason and I will use logic and argument no matter who I talk to, I should not have to lower my level of discourse in order to accomodate people who haven't bothered to educate themselves or spend time thinking about intelligent human issues. This is where people become stupid again, not only do they disrespect the faculty of reason, which they clearly know is used by them constantly, but they seem to not respect education. If I have bothered to educate myself on matters of life in an intelligent manner what I have to say holds more weight than what you have to say even though you are alive. It's your problem that you're too lazy and too comfortable with your life to become an intelligent person, I am not moved or compromised in my argument because you feel or disagree, so you decide just to be mad and yell because you refuse to accept that at this point, I am flat out smarter thatn you becasue I've bothered to become such.

So I conclude that by ignoring the importance of reason and my ability to utilize my most human of faculties by educating myself the way in which is historically practiced by the more intelligent of people, who I strive to be like, rather than being complacent like the people like you are historically. We remember those people that were most intelligent for a reason, an intelligent reason, namely that they were not complacent and they questioned, EDUCATED THEMSELVES, and USED REASON.

so heresh tha deal. i'm pretty much dead on here, people who disagree are necissarily being contradictory, and just plain stupid.


The W said...

can you explain the tv situation more, i realize its probably not that important, but surely you threw it in for a reason...

Jasper Yate said...

it really wasnt it just provided me the right situation for this complete thought to form. my mom was trying to move the tv and it was atached to a cable cord that was at its end so it was gonna fall of the chair it was on so i got pissed and started talking to her sort of matter of factly about how to move a tv so it doesnt break, and when she asked the question about if i planned on talking down to people the thought struck me: i talk down to people because they refuse to educate themselves, i am talking at an intelligent level initially, but am forced to be sarcastic because they refuse to challenge their minds and raise their intelligence to a level such that they will understand me. it is not right that a man who cares to educate himself should have to lower his level of conversation, and thus his respect for reason and education, becasue those who havent bothered with the two feel belittled by his utilization of them. ignorant people are ignorant for a reason and intelligent people make an effort to become such; intelligence is not cognitive ability recognizable at birth, intelligence is not being human over being a fly, intelligence is the concerted effort to utilize the faculties of reason that humand have and to utilize the cognitive ability we all have in us from birth. so, i shouldnt have to ever revert to talking down to someone, but if i must to get my point across i will, because they havent bothered to maximize what it is to be human in the mental sense and utilize their incredible mind.

it was really irrelivant, it was maybe only a reference to her not applying reason to a situation that required only a small dose of it; in the end it was just the point where i had that epiphany about explaining the problems with people and the disrespect of reason and education and all that...