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Friday, September 14, 2007

It's Football, Whatchu Want?

Yea, I'm bored so I'm gonna pick this weeks games and I'll probably do so with bias, cuz that's how it's done.

Texans at Panthers

I love this matchup, not really the game persay, but that Mr. Check Down David Carr is going to be sittin' on the sideline behind a crappy quarterback starring across at a team that used to be his that he was traded from for a quarterback who started two games before the trade. Mr. Carr will be sad. On that note Delhommes should be gone, Carr should be playing, Carr is a great quarterback he just needs an O-line and anything but oakland is a step up from houston, he should get a chance, Delhomme is just one of those eh guys. Panthers 34 - 23

Bengals at Browns

Apparently c.j is jumping into the dog pound when he scores a t.d this weekend. yes when, not if. every wide reciever on that staff is getting a touchdown sunday. It's funny to think that carson palmer is only a year older than Eli, i mean Carson looks 15 years older, that and he's an incomparably better player. The browns traded their starting quarterback for a playoff teams sixth round pick. Who Deys 42 - 9

Colts at Titans

People seem to keep saying that Vince Young just wins. That annoys me. There are a lot of other players that help him out, even if they aren't top quality staff. Either way, Peyton is one of those guys too, but more so. He will go down as the best quarterback of all time. I mean the man is a genious. It's really apparent if you go from watching college quarterbacks or like Eli Manning or Alex Smith to watching Peyton. He's incredible at reading defenses, something I'm convinced is one of the harder things to be able to do as a human being, and who else do you know that when you see him load up and plant his feet is going to throw a strike 40 yards down the field, usually for a touchdown. Nothing would make me happier, besides maybe the 49ers winning the SB and me going, than Peyton repeating the super bowl win this year, he's something to be psyced about, he may well be the greatest who's ever played. Colts 29 - 21

Saints at Bucs

Reggies one of those players who can still be great and dissapointing at the same time. But I've gotten this feeling lately that at some point, probably not this year, when deuce is gone probably, he's gonna have a nut check and grow up and learn to run between tackles and handle his explosion. When he can get behind his tackles and then hit a hole and explode out we will be left in awe that's when we'll really understand his speed. I hope when steve slayton comes out he will learn this lesson earlier than reggie will because that boy is FAST, steve slaton has that football speed, fuck the 40 he embarasses DB's he makes everyone look like children. Anyway Drew Brees is nasty like Carson. I expect Meachem to do some more this week. It's the bucs anyway. Hey everyone, everything but commercial downtown N.O is still ruined. Saints 35 - 14

49ers in St. Louey

Yea, it's sad, I won't be there. I'm not too up to date on the rams. Their offense is gettin old and Patty Willis light it up last week, yea i was there, 11 tackles and a forced fumble in your rookie debut, shit. the 9ers d impressed the hell out of me monday, but we all know that their offense was abismal till that last drive. that glorious glorious last drive. maybe that will give them the confidence, alex grew up a bit there he was on with 1:20 left, but this is a new week, i wouldnt count on that momentum carry. This is one of the more interesting games of the week. Stephens There though, I like that Patty match up there, though. Fuck, I'm a 9ers fan now a bay bay 21 - 17

Bills at Steely McBeams House

Now it's getting interesting. I used to hate the broncos cuz everyone loved Elway so much. now i hate them for that damn feild goal. that was the bills game. i dont care about that guy who broke his neck, when you lower your head to tackle someone youre asking for it, hes an idiot and nothing else, it comes with the risk of the game already withoutlowering your head you moron. Bills will pretend to be motivated and it'll be a good game. But it seems that ben is back.steely mcbeam 17-14

Packers at the Football Giants

Not til Eli and Coughlin are gone. Brett Farve is the best, watch his reaction from that 3rd and long shovel pass first down play from last week. No one jumps around and is that into the game like brett is. hes been at it for 16 years. the pack 16 - 6

Falcons in Jax

sad times. jax 25 - 12

Seattle at Arizona

I hate interdivision matchups because i want them both to lose. unfortunatly seattles got this one with tikis larger clone and mr hasselback. hawks 30 - 23

cowboys at dolphins

man i want to go to a game in miami. imagine how ill that is season tix to the dolphins and the heat n shit. just chill on the beach with beautiful people in the sun and blue water and then go watch jason taylor rip shit up in the turqois stadium thats some nice shit. too bad dallas is coming to town. i like the new tony romo commercial. cowboys 17-7

vikes are going to motor city

i dont care about most of these teams. but the best two skill players from the draft are playing. AD is proving how sick he can be and Calvins not doing so shaby himself. vikings, of course, 25 - 12

oakland in colorado

what do you think? maybe theyll throw big J in. no. noones gonna go to that game. uh yea, by the way who decided not to put dante culpepper, like the real dante culpepper in? i mean hes dante, he doesnt have randy, but hes dante, and josh mcown is well josh mcown. Broncs. 38 - 16

Kansas City in Chi Town

Two places I really want to go to see a game, two storied grid iron teams. with a little baby qb from florida. the bears would win more if they had hulk hogan at qb they just need someone tough thats bears. rex is ot bears. anyway i need to get to a snowy game at soldier some time in my life thats some excellent stuff. and apparently KC is the worst field to play awya at, i need to get my ass there that shits probably insane. cheifs, its the rock. 27 - 14

j-e-t-s in rayrays house.

enough said. 21 - 7 ravs.

redskins at philly

i hate the eagles. i want them to go 0-16. redskins 17-16

now its big time

San Diego in Boston

(who cares everyones gonna be watching the yanks soix series)
yea the pats cheated. theyre nasty anyway. this has gotta be the biggest matchup of juggernauts of pure talent anyway. adailus thomas asante samual tom brady tefi bruschi mike vraebel randy moss dant stallworth lawrence maroney wes welker antonio gates phillip rivers shawn merriman ladanian tomlinson lorenzo neil wow. i dont want to pick i just want to watch. how is this not the monday night game this has the potential to turn into waht the colts pats has, especially with all the drama last year. ladanian is gonna explode. when you get a great player pissed he will tear you to shreds no matter who you put on him. bolts. 38 - 35

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