the only easy day was yesterday

Friday, September 14, 2007


I read the Sand Fran Chronicle every morning now. This is a letter to the editor regarding an article about a kid who was mugged and called his dad who ran over the mugger and the made the kid shoot the mugger. The kid was 16. This was maybe half a mile from where i live. San Francisco is desperatly and patheticaly over violent. If you live here with a car you are not in an economic struggle such that you need to revert to violence to survive, you can move somewhere else and live comfortably. There is no excuse here.

Editor - Next time you run a story on violence even on the daylight streets of San Francisco, please report it in the syncopated rhymes of gangsta rap. Then it makes sense. Then it recalls how our corporate entertainmet industry makes millions from egging on such conceits.
But don't stop there. Please note the heavy, expensive, glossy textbooks and related pedagogical appliances throughout our schools - all geared to specializations, all unconected to each other, all also ghettos of similarly denumbed souls fit only for our larger corporate conceits.

Every once in a while they put one of these in and I love it. These San Fran people just tear motherfuckers apart sometimes, they've taken ripping columnists new assholes to being art.

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