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Thursday, September 6, 2007

fuck. really?

So apparently you don't need a law degree to run for various government offices. Lets get this straight. A republican government is a body of officials who are in place to regulate law, which is in place to regulate human behavior. simple enough, right.

so peyton manning is the colts quarterback. a quarterback is the leader of a football team, thats what the term means. peyton manning is a quarterback becasue he can play football very well. he also has a bright mind, which unfortunatly been wasted on football, but thats another issue.

george bush is our president. the president of the united states is the head of a republican governing body. and by the transitive property of things of this nature, he is the leader of a group of law making and regulating officials.

peyton didnt get elected to quartebackship by the colts other players who were voted in by the fans, he got there on merit and talent and promise in the field of football.

george bush got elected by a bunch of other people with no law degrees who were elected by a bunch of other people with no law degrees. are we all fucking nuts? how is it that our government, which as ive defined is a law instituting and regulating body, is run by people that dont know shit about the law?

and i actually heard this the other day that philosophy is the top major for people applying to law school, so the people who do have law degrees im sure are somewhat more seasoned in real critical thought, and possibly more interested in the actual good for humanity rather than just themselves and their ego. but probably not, it may just be one that gets accepted at a high rate so they treat it like history class.


The W said...

You dont even have to be a lawyer to sit on the supreme court...

The W said...

Newsflash: Lawmakers dont read the bills they vote for either...

Jasper Yate said...

im holding off on this thought just because its probly ony there cuz im just starting to read news and stuff but i really wish i could run a really superficial campaign if i was rich or something, and just straight up lie to get elected president, and then in my inagural speech call everyone morons.

but seriously ive been thinking about what it would be like or the prosepect of going into politics one day and its becoming more of a real option in my mind the more i think about it because im phasing out of any utopianism i ever had and realisisng just how silly everything and everyone is committed to being, so the only way i could ever have a large effect whatsoever would be something like politics, which i would doubtless get nowhere in and just waste a lot of time and money on. hmph.

The W said...

ha. in one of my essays two years ago i wrote how i could run for president as a democtrat or republican, then get elected and be like "im a socialist y'all". and then have all my buddies in conngress who ran for office also to admittheir socialists too. I even tried convincing Eric connella to move to hawaii and run for office as part of my plan there.

needless to say, im not sure its gonna work out... It would take to much BSing. I couldnt do that to myself.