the only easy day was yesterday

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bin Laden Makes Americans Look Foolish

Yea, apparently he's told us that if we want to end the war that we should all convert to islam, effectively unveiling the not very well concealed fact that America doesn't want peace, we want power and we're not going to surrender our integrity (the presidents oversized ego) for it. Look at it this way; if Bush just got up off his ass and pretended to agree with what bin laden had to say, made some shit up about how we are all muslims now, and said he's withdraw all the troops, either we'd get osama out in the open and kill the idiot, or make him look stupid because he was lying so he could kill more people. It would have exactly 0 effect on us for one guy to say we're all islam; our egos are just too bug, we don't want peace, we want power, and power on our own terms. otherwise, though the verbatim translation is impossible to find, it seems to be that he's talkin straight sense here, except he wants there to be more killing, which is silly, but otherwise he sounds a lot smarter than our leader.


The W said...

be careful sir. populist retoric has been used by all figures who seek to do something terrible in to humans on this planet. think hitler.

Jasper Yate said...

be easy on me im just learning. he obviously isnt sane he said he wants to kill a bunch of people, but hes saying it from a seemgly pretty educated standpoint, whereas most americans spew garbage becasue its what theyre fed all their lives. which is the more valuable opinion? id say osamas no doubt, unfortunatly he wants to kill a lot of people and thats no good, but id take an educated dialouge thats wrong over a retarded one thats much closer to what i see as right.