the only easy day was yesterday

Friday, September 7, 2007

who dey

"predsident bush gave me a call and said he gon stop runnnin the world for 3 hours just to see what im gonna do" - Chad Johnson. Sing it. I don't think he's running the world, though. The cabinet will be doing their jobs monday night, because some things, unfortunately for you and i, chad, are more important than football.


The W said...

is he stil on the bengals?

Jasper Yate said...

yea. and if that is being confused becaus im going to a monday night football game that doesnt involve the bengals its a double header, the bengals and the ravens play earlier that night.

Jasper Yate said...

which im sort of upset about because im gonna miss most of that game, which should be a really good one, in my travels to the stadium