the only easy day was yesterday

Saturday, September 1, 2007

this seriously may have been one of the more entertaining football games ive ever watched. despite the incredible competitiveness of tenesee to keep coming back, the extraordinary athleticism of the bears is astounding. deshaun jackson, forcett, this freshman Best , hawkin. if you havent seen this game or the full highlights at least, find them. i remind you that this is an sec defense that theyre skill players are tearing apart as i type. as a great example of why i sincerely am getting behind deshaun jackson in 2nd for the heisman - i mean, please, my boy ray ray has it no problem - check out one of the first offensive plays of the game a little hook out to deshaun and he gets absolutely rocked - this hit ranks up with that rodney harrison hit on stevesmith a few weeks ago - and holds onto the ball. just find the highlights...

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