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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

To Those About to Bop, We Salute You

beat-speak is coming back, but its gonna be ours. unfortunatly i have a refined hatred for the trendy language of our time, that is, 'brrrat,' so i must borrow for lack of creativity.

beat - to be beat is to be fed up. to be so sick and tired of living an uncertain and undefined life and having no real companionship. beat is loving the world and people and being tired of the world an people. beat is being mystic and capricious, and very holistic. beat is whatever the hell you see in this description. were all beat who have the time to look at a blog. were sick of the boring and priveleged lives we lead. we spend our time on lofty pursuits such as philosophy. we live in a society which weve grown to vehemently hate, though in truth its nearing the simplest and most basic preservative system of human rights, safety, and justice; the most basic things a government should be responsible for doing. we have everything figure out for us and were living the sure-and-beat life of people who are literally living the what's next. and what do we do? worry about what's next! beat is worrying about whats going to be and why and how and always being unsatisfyed with the answers you get adn the people who give them to you.

kicks - kicks are anything fun

bop - bop was wild jazz music. it can be any music you like, as long as its emotional and beat and loud and can be described by blowing. but drummers can blow too. not like the reference to suck, more like a reference to trumpet extended to singing and to any other instrument. its gotta have rhythm, bands arent bop. moments in music are bop. transient seconds of glorious blowing on all acounts that makes you want to blow with it and dig those people blowing.

blow - passionately play music, or perform any sort of artistic act or expression. further, even. a girl crying could be blowing. an ourpour of emotion, lets say.

gone - the first thing that comes to mind is sexy, but its far more. 'gone sweet gal,' for context. gone is the sexy cousin of beat, but that replaces sexy because i dont like that word to begin with. gone is the female form of beat, which is distinguished because a gone gal is purposefully flaunting her sexiness, shes very indecisive, a key part of gone seems to be that you cant get to know a gone gal, shes distant and beautful and you cant ever expect to know her. i suspect in kerouac a gone girl was more of a projection of the female way, whorish, dishonest, greed, passionate, and impossible to get to, gone is a girl without humanity. modern gone, to me, is a girl whos humanity youve tried desperatly to acess, but who has other ideas about everything, mostly because shes sick of everything, laregly men, and shes just gonna get what shes gonna get.

and the most important:

dig - to dig is to enjoy the humanity of another person, to enjoy the whole of life. everything. to love all emotion, good or bad, to look at things, to feel things, to know things, to experience things, to love things. you can dig a painting or you can dig sex. most importantly dig is a largely expansive term such as is seen in older languages which can be used for so many things. the way i use dig is mostly as to love holistically, i like to dig people in that they are what i am and they are part of me and the world and my experience and i wana get to know what theyre thinking without social or sexual barriers.  

so make them your own, use them sparingly, dont make them a gimmick. and use them with passion. beat-speak is a language of passionate dissenchantment with everything and uncontrollable love for it all at the same time. none of us know what to do with ourselves really, were just follwing whats available for us to do. so let it go and dig it all and know how and why you are acting with futility if you arent.


The W said...

whats this all about?

Jasper Yate said...

speaking the language. speach is such an integral part of humanity and im bored as hell with how we talk. its about fun. kicks, that is...