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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Justified True Belief

bores me. justified true belief is the most famous epistemological theory. its plato's. epistemology is the study of knowledge, or rather what we can know. it says this:

i know P if and only if:

I believe P
P is true
I have good reason to believe P

its really a self explanatory thing. it rests on the central epistemological assumption that the word is impassibly separated from the mind, this is a main point of contention between the analytic and continental schools of philosophy...which is irrelevant

anyway so some guy comes along a few years ago ad he's like no no. he comes up with some examples which point out some errors in the theory. essentially, there are cases where the requirements are met in plato's theory, but you still dont seem to know. say i come to your house and solicit your home phone number one day. in a few months i call you on that number, and ask if youre home, and you say yes, youve called me on my home phone number. in this situation i now believe that you are home, and i have good reason to believe that youre home. little do i know, you've moved. but you are actually home, and all of the requirements are met, but i still do not know, because the object of my idea of home is different than your actual home.

so yea thats it jtb is tedious

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