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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Believe You Me

while thinking about the obscure qualifications often discussed in conjunction with the concept of what belief is, i stumbled upon a uniting factor for my dismissal of traditional metaphysical and epistemological thought. it is a natural objection to have about the way the skeptical philosopher doubts the world to say "it makes sense, but i will still continue my quite possibly - in many different ways - meaningless existence as it is." (I feel that this last point may work well into my thoughts on the duality of being and meaning). My short thought, which i may expand on later or at another time, is that on the idea of belief it is often taken that it is involuntary, that belief happens to us. Such is the belief of the world which we experience, which should have a certain amount of pull over what we shall consider right in philosophy, as we are all compelled to believe in the world. As a last comment to the analytic philosopher, I would offer the question: How does one find it in himself to forgo the possibility of meaninglessness in light of the practicality of living as they always have, but still question the external world to such an extent, thereby creating many, if not all, the metaphysical and epistemological problems we continue to banter on about?

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