the only easy day was yesterday

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Story for the Grandkids

for a paper i was writing, my brother suggested that i listen to a few of his heidegger professors lectures. on a side note, his professor is the foremost heidegger expert in the english speaking world, and in one of these lectures he shares that he's had an epiphany about heidegger that hed never seen before, and it turns out that in office hours my brother had helped him with whatever this epiphany was, or was present. you get what im saying. anyway theres an ill thing where you get these things that i wasnt aware of that id like to share for any of the ignoramus like myself. its called 'itunes U'. its a section of the itunes store where you can download lectures on anything and everything from a bunch of different universities for free. its really excellent, they have lectures by semester so you can listen to full classes. so check it out.

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