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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Book It

philosophy is an attempt at the language of being, language is the communication of meanings.

>>>philosophy has long been an attempt at the most objective study we can find about everything we can think of, what it is at most is the language of what i call (for now) being, that is, our state whereby we step back and take the view of our lives and see how absurd they are, philosophy can only try to describe things as if we lived in that state, and moreover if that state was one in which we could judge the universe objectively; language in itself is the communication between what i call meanings (for now), that is, the serious nature with which we treat life and the meaning that we build from the day we are born - language comes out of this, it comes out of the predisposed meaning we have, it comes from the subjectivity of speech, but lo, it gives us that ability to express that we do step back, to communicate what hitherto may have been perceived to be an esoteric absurdity in whatever the first creatures with this ability in our line of evolution were. this is a quote (from me, by the way) that ostensively deals with the impossibility of sciences and analytic philosophies to be objective, as well as demonstrating a nuance ive yet to work out in my own philosophy about the duality of meaning and being and how they communicate and are necessarily interwoven.

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