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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

skepticism and descartes

hume and descartes were the two major skeptics we studied. blablabla. the major claim of the skeptics is that we cannot be sure of the external world and any knowledge. the two went about this different ways, hume the more honestly skeptical in that he ended his life in doubt of even his own beliefs and did not attempt to justify this and that through god. im not advocating that being a cold skeptic is the way to go, but if youre gonna be skeptical go for it, descartes was far too effected by pretences, in the meditations he was too ready to turn to god once he had broken down his whole shit.

the skeptics objective is to break down everything to the most base axioms that we can then build off it into a solid theory of everything. the skeptics idea of the being is a thikning thing, a substance that is conscious of the self. the other idea of skepticism is building this theory is to break down all counter possibilities of theories.

yea thats some random skepticism crap

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