the only easy day was yesterday

Saturday, November 17, 2007

there are a lot of hobos in california. when i see them and they ask me for money, usually i say no. this is because im unsure of what it is i have to say to them , but im under the impression that i dont quite aprove of hobo-ness. i mean homeless. i dont know the difference if there is one. the thought that comes to mind is that i want to say listen im with you i wish the world was another way, but thats not how it is money isnt free and comfort isnt free, comfort would exist if not for economic selection. ive had the idead recently to somehow, humor me, start an orgaization which takes willing homeless people, helps them complete whatever schooling is necessary, tutors and whatnot, for free. havent decided whether this theoretical organization willprovide board, but i would certainly require going cold turkey on whatever drugs or alchohol they use; quitting a physical addiction is in the same league as add and depression, they are 90% mental struggle, the rest can be cured with distraction and healthy diet and physical activity, plus the experience of overcomming such an addiction on ones own builds far more character than will assisted recovery, i know that i am much more of an arrogantly self confident person that i can overcome things like depression and my very mild add and dislexia than taking medicines. same goes for physical addictions, which may require more physcial effort and change in excercise and diet...

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