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Monday, November 5, 2007

Rumors of Their Greatness Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

peyton and brady. wow their so great. but really, i mean some names deserve to live in peoples memories. these are not those names. i do voluntarily choose to watch a lot of sports, which is probably just to distract myself, but i am clearly more grounded than most people seem to be about it. its wonderful that adrian peterson ran for an nfl record 296 rush yards in a single game in only his 8th game as a pro, already reaching the 1000 yard mark - yea, he's sick, but he's really not doing anything for anyone but himself, i know i and surely anyone else watching could do a lot better than watching the sports center segment on him 3 times over. the NFL is a multi-billion dollar idustry, if anyone involved wants really to become legendary, great, they can liquidate the team and start some sort of enterprise in a third world country, do something good for the whole of humanity, invest heavily in a car company and discourage them from producing the type of vehicle that produces any chemicals that's harmful to our planet. its necessary now to mention those that live on in our memory; ghandi, mother theresea, jesus, to name an especially altruistic few. these people live in our memories not because they were marketable, not because they did anything good for their economy, because they lead their nations through a hard time, these people were more than the idiots who so heavily involve themselves in their time, so to speak. so shit, i get wrapped up breifly in how it's possible for randy moss to catch that ball like his gloves got gorilla glue on 'em, but who the hell cares, it's entertaining, but as ive stated before, it's far from real physical acheivment, something i really don't care all to much for anyway. but with that said, it's because of these great individuals, and the combined efforts of those who have strived to be great and haven't quite had it all there, that we are able to be such an incredibly ignorant and narcissistic society, we owe this luxury to them. there must be ways in which we can improve somewhat the quality of life for many others, but as it is here, it seems to be pretty good, is it not close to the height of civilization when the entirety of the citizenship of the most sucessful (for now) country on the plant are ignorant and narcissitic? now given however many remaining people there will be that can greatly impact human civilization, what will that highest point be? it almost seems like the human abillity to reflect on discomfort and such will always lead to laziness, and our tendencies when left to our own devices towards nihilism, it seems that this is the way that life will turn out; I'm not sure that the whole of the human community has the capacity for intellectual progression, we revert to laziness and pleasure too quickly, and im not so sure it's all that bad a thing. as a philosophic mind i am faced with mcuh ambiguity and discomfort towards wholly unanswerable questions, and having been in the lifestyle of how life is for many when i was younger, the pains seem similar, and possibly less severe because when one does not concentrate on those larger questions of life there are still many questions and wonders with room for mysticism and superstition about those questions - humanity may be better off left in ignorance and left to destroy our planet and each other at some point; if only becasue ive lost so much faith in people ever being able to not be collectively selfish and absolutely and utterly ignorant.

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