the only easy day was yesterday

Saturday, November 3, 2007

its juat dawned on me that professional sports an college sports can potentially show promise for people, in that they can provide motivation for children from troubled backgrounds to not be idiots. the biggest problem is that college football is quick becoming a haven for people who havent actually changed their bad habits, there are so many criminals in college football, i mean a kicker stabbed another kicker last year. this is tantamount to how the lifestyle is often:poor as hell to free college, to millions. as mr vick, as well as the entire bengals roster from last year, pacman jones, tank johnson, etc, have showed us, its really just live what the rappers say is cool. yea i guess rap had to come into this as well, but its not the focus (though i do contest that it plays a large part), it is that the "hood", violent, mentality is being carried over (remember the miami v florida atlantic brawl of last year) and then millions are being put in the hands of the people acting like this; thus it must be right to act like this via a few psycological mesages; such as you do this, ysou get millions, when you have the millions buy A LOT of guns (tank johnson) - its a vicious sycle...yea i cant spell


The W said...

tank needed those guns. just look at the first thing that happend when he got rid of em, his bodygaurd got killed.

Jasper Yate said...