the only easy day was yesterday

Friday, November 16, 2007

outside the lines

its a show on espn. there was a debate with a few guys they had on about barry bonds. dont care about the debate or barry, but i do care that they had a guy ive seen a few times now on. dave zirin. it was funny. you could tell he purposely made himself look like he jsut got out of bed to show how little he cared about it. and hes a grounded dude. they were all arguing about sports and he was like. 5 years. millions of dollars. because an annoying fat old bald guy stuck a syringe in his ass a few years ago. no one is going to sleep better knowing barry bonds and marion jones are off the streets. he also mentioned the washington march today and the cases they were protestig that couldve been funded by the money that was wasted on bonds. some zirin articles can be found here: he wrote a book as well, havent read it yet, but im intruiged

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