the only easy day was yesterday

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

i paraphraze from a sports center broadcast:

' goodell was not impressed with his attempt at community service, which was buying inner city atlanta youths tickets to see him at a wrestling event'

on pacman jones of course. i mean, so many things wrong with that, but obviously im most concerned with a sucessfulguy that comes from some poor area that has made a reputation for himself as irresponsible and violent (which im sure makes him popular to such groups as inner city atlanta youths) actually thinking that hes doing something good by buying those same kids whos futures hes helping to ruin tickets to a display of hypermachismo and violence. oh no. just very very very bad. i really think that he thinks he was doing something good, and moreover im gonna assume that hes from atlanta, i bet those kids look up to him...

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