the only easy day was yesterday

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

R.I.P. (Retire In Peace)


Jasper Yate said...

aboohoo aboohoo.

brett favre has single handedly destroyed any ideas surrounding manlyness and crying. no one could be more of a man than he is. yea maybe he couldve gone to war, but in terms of toughness, 250 games straight of brutal stuff (he was a quarterback, not a center, but still tough shit). and he cries all the time.

myslef im too aware to cry - if a movie or a moment touches me im often too aware and think 'finally' - you know cuz crying is nice, but i rarely can.

anyway the dudes makes rambo look like george takei at a star trek convention in the castro.

The W said...

describe awareness and too please

Jasper Yate said...

awareness: ive spoken about the opposite before with you i think. we can fall into things in life. work, play, television; we get so involved and into it it can almost be said that we're not entirely there, we get so involved in our surroundings and activity we aren't entirely there. its like watching a tv screen and then thinking about the room - you suddenly realize you arent in that perspective, that theres other things going on. also like dreaming. when you dream youre so involved, if you realize youre involved, you wake up.

i never, or barely ever, get involved in things so deeply that i am not aware of things. so with things like intense emotions, if i get sucked in so much that i may feel intense joy or sorrow, i wake up (so to speak) and it dampens the emotion. so im too aware because im always in this state which dampens my experiences of some things...