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Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is an interesting concept.


Anonymous said...

Quite. I read an article about it in my last class (I read soooooooo many articles) it had a nurture theme to it. It was called the Ecology of Crime or something like that, and it blamed anomie (or deviating from/ lacking ethical or social mores) on a specific context. It made recommendations like impeding upon traffic- or having dead ends at buildings, keeping things open to natural sight, and probably most interesting that making property private creates less crime. The closed-minded (at least in the sense that he wanted us to read his mind, and we never could) scottish prof explained that if hotels or walmarts or whatever made their parking lots private property so that they had responsibility of the cars stolen in their parking lot, then there would be less crimes because people would know that someone could "screw their ass" for doing something on their property. If all property was private...their would be no property to do crimes on, so it goes.

Anyway what interested me the most was the idea of contexts that humans live within. It seems that in relation to different times and places and paths to choose, that each context opens a limited number of "paths". I guess i'm kind of talking about the webs that churn out what may be called "destiny". I don't think that we actually choose what we are/ what we do, not in an unlimited sense of the way. Due to contexts we are offered the products of the context which are really just other contexts created by our participation.
i know, i know you want to hear more about this...because you have only a vague idea about it. Well for now you're going to have to wait but if you want to get anything from this second part then I guess you should do what i'm doing and meditate on destiny

The W said...

neoliberal trash. but correct to an extent. i dont do graffiti on private property because of the fear, but plenty of people do.

i agree about the limited context stuff. but i dont see the worth on dwelling (or as you say, 'meditating') on these limiting factors (or as you say 'destiny'). Its good to study ones path, and the paths of those before him/her. but contemplating what lies ahead is a distant second to living it.